German Pavilion at Zentrum für Baukultur

"Walls are temporary structures. Our exhibition asks the question: What happens after a wall comes down? Even if it disappears completely, it usually leaves behind very unusual spaces."

On June 26, GRAFT founding partner Lars Krueckeberg gives a lecture in the Zentrum fuer Baukultur of the State of Saxony and discusses the topic of the exhibition UNBUILDING WALLS, shown at the Architecture Biennale in Venice. GRAFT is curating this year's German Pavilion together with civil rights activist and politician Marianne Birthler.

The lecture is part of the program "Semper, Selbermachen und andere Stichworte zur Baukultur".

When: June 13th-30th 2018, UNBUILDING WALLS on June 26, 2018, 6pm
Where: ZfBK – Zentrum für Baukultur Sachsen, Schlossstrasse 2, Dresden

Free entry