GRAFT Keynote in Ulm

On Thursday evening, 19.10.2017, GRAFT architect Arne Wegner gives a lecture in the series "vh Architektur" at the Ulmer Volkshochschule in Ulm, Germany. The focus of the lecture series is “Architecture policy: projects that rough up”. In his keynote, Arne Wegner focuses on the “the original mission of architecture”. Moreover he shows GRAFT projects that have been self-initiated and in which architecture is perceived as an active contribution to social issues.

With its "vh Architetkur" the Ulmer Volkshochschule in Ulm offers a professional forum in which interested citizens as well as award winning architects exchange ideas and experiences. The event is organized by the Ulmer Volkshochschule and the Lichtbergkino in Ulm.

Admission from 9,- euros.

Where: Lichtburg Kino, Frauenstraße 61, 89073 Ulm

When: Thursday, 19 October 2017, 7 pm