Lars Krückeberg at TDI 2017 (Tag der Deutschen Industrie)

One of the GRAFT founding partner, namely Lars Krückeberg, has been invited to partake at a panel during the “Tag der Deutschen Industrie 2017”. At this event there will be given speechesby chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and other politicians like Alexander Dobrindt, Martin Schulz, Christian Lindner or Cem Özdemir among others. Besides that there will take place further panels.

Lars Krückeberg will be part of the panel regarding the topic Leader:in Influencer. This panel is about why some trends have an influence on the economy and some don’t. This raises the question which conditions must be preexisting to stimulate innovation. The host Ina Karabasz (editor at Handelsblatt) aims at sketching a picture of how the future could look like.

You can only attend the event with a personal invitation.