SOLARKIOSK brings internet and power to schools in Zaatari refugee camp

SOLARKIOSK and the satellite operator SES are pioneering the first-of-its-kind "Connected Solar School" to deliver electricity, educational tools, and broadband internet connectivity to schools run by UNICEF and Relief International within the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan.

Bringing together solar energy provided by the SOLARKIOSK’s E-HUBB and a broadband connectivity enabled by the SES’s AstraConnect broadband platform, the "Connected Solar School" will make it possible for teachers to use quality e-learning materials. The E-HUBB interior will become the administrative centre for teachers and will have a power node to charge solar lamps, laptops, printers, mobile phones and tablets.

The Zaatari refugee camp currently houses more than 80,000 refugees and more than 300 students are attending four schools in the camp which are operated by UNICEF and Relief International.

To date, the SOLARKIOSK was erected in 10 countries, with 107 units, and impacted more than 800.000 people. The refugee camp school is one more possibility to help and make a change.