Three GRAFT lectures in Linz, LA, and Berlin

We would like to recommend three lectures, coming up soon:

March 9th 2016: Lars Krückeberg is giving new impetus concerning “The Future of Building, Living, and Working” hosted by Dialog Holzbau, Wirtschaftskammer Oberösterreich, in Linz, Austria.

March 10th 2016: Christoph Korner, Managing Director of GRAFT Los Angeles, will be giving a presentation on the design of the Old Mill Hotel in Belgrade, as part of the “IDEC 2016” Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon, organized by the Interior Design Education Council.

March 11th 2016: Thomas Willemeit discusses the topic habitat workspace (“Lebenswelt Arbeitsplatz”) as part of the series of events “Health Care of the Future” in Akademie der Künste, Berlin.