Vote for GRAFT at "Architekturpreis Berlin 2016"

The two GRAFT projects “Parametrische (T)Raumgestaltung” and “Holistic Living” are listed for a General Public Award at Architekturpreis Berlin 2016!

The objective of the scientific research project “Parametrische (T)Raumgestaltung” was the development of two pioneering intensive care rooms that help to reduce fear, helplessness and stress through a holistic architectural approach. 

GRAFT also designed plus-energy houses (one single-family house and 2 semi-detached houses), all of them environment-friendly buildings that join mobility, energy and health. The project is an unrivaled holistic approach that connects modern architecture, innovative building equipment, and e-mobility as well as sustainability and physical health. The houses even generate a surplus of energy that will be used to charge an e-car that the tenant rents with the house.

The Berlin Architectural Prize is given every three years to architects and their clients for outstanding architectural projects.