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brlo brwhouse

Project type: Commercial


Location: Berlin, Germany


Time: 2016


Client: Braukunst Berlin GmbH


Interior Design: Novono Interiors, Berlin


Status: in Progress


Exterior photos: Tobias Hein and Done Studio – Ulf Saupe (outdoor area)


Interior photos: Seren Dal

In Berlin, on the site of “Urbane Mitte” between eastern and western part of Gleisdreieck Park, a mobile brewery and beer garden designed by GRAFT has been erected in summer 2016. The building volume of BRLO BRWHOUSE combines gastronomy, events, administration and the art of brewery and is remarkable for its container architecture in modular design.


GRAFT envisions a free standing building consisting of oversee containers, similar to the two “Platoon Kunsthalle” container constructions that were opened in Seoul in 2009 and in Berlin in 2012. The pre-fabricated containers will be altered individually according to their function and will be stacked in order to work as mobile home base for the young company BRLO. For the time being, a temporary usage of 3-5 years is intended, later, the building can easily be dismantled at the park and reconstructed in another place.

By setting four containers in length and stacking three containers onto each other, the cube forms a space of about 600 m² and offers enough space for the brewery equipment, as well as room for guests, events, and administration.


Towards west, a vertically placed container generates a stair case and functions as entry to the office spaces. A second, diagonal container at the lower end of the western side provides access to the above gallery via the outdoor space. The straightforwardness of the container architecture will be emphasized by an uniform anthracite color coat.