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City Center

Project type: Hospitality, Bar, Club


Location: Las Vegas, U.S.A.


Time: 2010


Client: MGM Mirage


Status: Completed


Size: 17,000 sqm


Photos: Ricky Ridecos

City Center’s Aria Pool Deck, Restaurant and Bar, Las Vegas


City Center is a mixed-use, 18 million square feet development by MGM Mirage that features buildings by several world-renowned architects. The unique 76 acre urban resort is located in the heart of Las Vegas’ famed Strip and is a collection of luxury hotels, condominiums, casinos, shopping facilities, and entertainment venues, which include Aria, Vdara, the Mandarin Oriental, Veer Towers and Crystals. To date, it is the largest privately financed development in the history of the United States and is also the largest LEED Certified project in the world.


Located at the base of Aria, the main resort and casino, the pool deck is a lush tropical lagoon with an intimate sanctuary of cabanas around a luxurious pool area in the midst of the larger vision of the City Center. The structures fuse the stunning beauty and richness of the tropics with the simplicity of contemporary culture. The architecture is conceived as a series of overlapping contours, creating fluid transitions and establishing a spatial hierarchy for the separate lounge areas. The pool deck can cater for 1,500 guests and consists of 52 separate cabanas, two bars, a restaurant, retail facilities and a European pool lounge.

The various buildings, designed as a family of structures set within a landscape, permit individual variation while unifying the overall composition of the pool deck and resort through the use of a similar palette of materials and formal relationships between them. Materials such as massaranduba wood and various textiles were chosen both for their visual and haptic qualities as well as for environmental and ecological reasons. The interplay between monolithic forms and panelised sections creates unique figure-group relationships.


Breeze Café

The Breeze Café and Pool Bar is located at the eastern end of the lagoon. The structure is inspired by the cooling experience of Mangrove forests. Large canopies provide shade, while simultaneously allowing free air flow through the openings between the roof structures, creating an enticing play of light and shadows in the space. The interplay of warm, comforting wood and sculptural white plaster surfaces enhances the experience of an opulent refuge from the sizzling sun.


Pool Bar

The pool bar in the centre of the area is modelled on the idea of a dwelling sheltered beneath a cliff. The large projecting overhang of the bar provides cool shelter from the sun. The monolithic white structure is open, its roof extending an inviting gesture to guests and revealing a welcoming wood interior with an abstract image of a canyon behind the bar.


Liquid Pool Lounge

The third architectural element is a secluded cove at the western end of the pool area: an adult-only escape to another world of relaxation. This refuge continues the material palette of the other zones, but uses a different architectural and spatial language, setting it apart from the adjacent areas. The Liquid Pool Lounge is operated by the Light Group and the rear of the bar features original artwork by the artist Camron Slocum from Los Angeles.