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Dalian Amber Bay

Project type: Restaurant, Retail, Urban Planning


Location: Dalian, China


Time: 2007


Client: Dalian Amber Bay Development Co. Ltd.


Status: Completed


Size: 16,000 sqm


Photos: GRAFT

Amber Bay lies on Binhai Road, Dalian’s famous scenic coastal road on the Chinese city’s southeast side. Just a fifteen-minute drive from the city centre, this picturesque stretch of coastline with its alluring beaches and towering rock formations offers an ideal place for dining and leisure away from noisy downtown Dalian. Within this unique setting, the Amber Bay Beachfront Development provides approximately 10,000 m² of restaurants and shopping facilities.


GRAFT’s main design intent was to develop an architectural language which complements the natural setting of the sensitive beachfront area. The design imagined a topographical landscape, that could be perceived as a natural configuration of publicly accessible platforms, stairs and roof terraces. The structure’s materiality underlines this intention, reflecting the natural palette of the surroundings through its use of bleached wood and surface-treated concrete made of local aggregates.


A boardwalk serves as a public promenade along the half-moon of the beach, its wooden decking providing a natural transition between building and bay, softening the arced edge of the development as it blends into the sand.