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Project type: Condominium


Location: Hamburg, Germany


Time:  2012


Status: Design Study


Client: DESIGN Bau AG

Between the oldest and the newest park of the city of Hamburg lies an industrial estate adjoining the river Elbe in the district Rothenburgsort. The design for Elbschau proposes the construction of a residential quarter with a view over the river on this site directly behind the flood protection line at the Elbpark Entenwerder.


The project’s design makes reference to different local traditions and characteristics to root it in its location. A raised flood protection embankment is proposed, on which six of the nine buildings would be placed. The construction of the bank also conceals all parking, storage and ancillary areas behind it. The project aims to show how a loose configuration of separate buildings on a greened site can nevertheless give definition to the edge of an urban district without undermining its essential characteristics.