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Project type: Healthcare, Retail


Location: Beijing, China


Time: 2008


Client: Erics Paris


Status: Completed


Size: 580 sqm


Photos: Mr Yang Di

Eric’s Paris Salon – Beijing Kerry Center


The remodel of Eric’s Paris Salon began with the need for a connection between a newly acquired second-floor space for new hair-cutting stations, and the existing entry, reception and retail space on the ground floor.


GRAFT introduced a continuous, fluid staircase, linking the spaces together with a vertical ‘catwalk’ and providing a central spine which branches off to connect different functional areas. Manicure and pedicure stations are set off as galleries for roaming clients to admire fellow customers, and hidden rooms patterned in leather feature custom-designed massage tables.


As the stair ascends, it morphs into wall paneling and loops over to enclose a corridor before splitting onto the second floor. Its inner spiral is accentuated with colorful metal cladding mimicking the sensuous, shiny boldness of fingernail color, while polished stainless steel on the outside provides abstracted reflections of the clients after their beauty treatment.