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Fat Tony

Project type: Sofa System, Couch, Armchair, Chaise Longue


Time:  2012-2013


Status: Available


Client: IP Design


Info: http://www.ipdesign.de


Photos: ipdesign

Furniture endlessly variable in use, in covers, in formation…


Fat Tony is a modular seating system whose ‘kit of parts’ allows a huge spectrum of variation possibilities. Designed by the architecture brand GRAFT, Fat Tony is endlessly flexible in use with its three cubic modules. Bachelor pad or loft, living room or hotel lobby – Fat Tony is at home anywhere. Its different elements make it uniquely versatile and make it look great in any location.


The sofa can be altered according to different everyday requirements and room configurations thanks to easily moveable elements: Whether as a sofa system, couch, armchair, chaise longue or stool, it is all possible. An unusual upholstery structure produces a special, ergonomic feeling when you use it. Instead of sinking in, you are supported in an ideal sitting position. But of course there is no lack of comfort, and nothing to stop you relaxing to do yourself some good. Fat Tony’s zigzag and coil springs are longer-lasting and more comfortable than a simple foam block, thus guaranteeing maximum quality. The high-grade upholstery in the back and base ensures maximum comfort, and solid beech load-bearing parts keeps the modules in shape for a whole lifetime.


The free choice of textile furnishings allows complete individualisation of the atmosphere in a room. From single colours to completely multi-coloured, Fat Tony allows you to express individual attitudes, whether subtle nonchalance or youthful distinctness. In doing so, Fat Tony functions either as a self-contained individual object or also as groupings with a strong room presence. Because the elements can be detached and put together without much work, the whole combination can be re-arranged whenever you like. And of course you can always get more elements, so changing spaces will not present a problem.