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Project type: Furniture


Location: Worldwide


Time: 2006


Client: HEWI


Status: Completed


Photos: GRAFT

GRAFT was asked by HEWI, the iconographic door handle and door furniture manufacturer, to consider ideas for the future of the brand. After an initial visit to the company to get to know their business philosophy and production capacities, the idea of a door handle was born that incorporates lighting, door handle and light switch into a single programmable surface integrated into a drywall construction that in its form acquires the character of an item of furniture.


The HEWI wall system activates previously underused wall surfaces, transforming it into a useful spatial boundary. Depending on each client’s personal wishes and needs, the system can incorporate different furniture-like characteristics such as seating, lounging, shelving, a closet or even sanitary functions.


When standing freely in a room, all of the wall’s sides can be used. The system can also serve as a barrier between working and communication areas in open-plan offices and can additionally incorporate various forms of sound insulation or technical installations.


The door handle as an independent element vanishes entirely becoming part of the wall. The position of the door is only indicated by a slot in the surface that marks it boundary. The prototype offers an overall sculptural form combining a seat, door and doorknob in a single fluid element. Concealed lighting leads the user to the door handle, hidden in a fold in the wall.