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Kumiki Tower

Project type: Multi Family /Condominium


Location: Tokyo, Japan


Time: 2006


Size: 88,643 sqm


In Collaboration with Brad Pitt

A primary goal in this residential project is to develop an iconic structure, a signature element in an otherwise barren area. Given zoning limitations, the project was restricted to the area defined by a square box, presenting a second challenge of how to infuse this mass with dynamism, movement and lightness. Furthermore, the premises needed to offer neighborhood amenities where there previously were none.


The love of a neighborhood begins with the diversity and richness of its buildings and their inhabitants, the friendly cleaners outside one’s door, a favorite coffee shop, the man who sells you fresh fruit, or the pretty girl walking down the street… or the convenience of having a Fed-Ex, a health club, or library within reach.


In this project, GRAFT takes the image of the city block with its buildings, services, and lifestyles and builds it into a three-dimensional puzzle–a Japanese kumiki -elegantly integrating neighborhood amenities into its matrix. This language of stacked buildings offers infinite variations and establishes a template which may be expanded into the whole Ariake district, giving the area a signature style.