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Project type: Production Design


Location: Burbank, U.S.A.


Time: 2006


Status: Completed


Size: 1,100 sqm


Costs: 170,000 $


Photos: Jeff Granbery, M2G Media

What are the future conditions of our daily life? As the paradigm shift in the relationship between living and working becomes increasingly visible, the idea of home is changing. People long for a home as a place to be secure, safe, and well. Traditional functions of rooms will blend, known distinctions between space and furniture will blur, and identity will be created differently with the emergence of the modern-day nomad. Technology will open new territories for how people interact with space and information. Spaces for sanity, meditation, cleansing of the body and the mind will become more and more important. Rooms for contemplation, for peace of the mind, for necessary recharging and self-affirmation will be needed. What will the future private spa look like?


GRAFT designed and built future “Life Settings” as stages of visual communication. Like a set design these interior worlds will be erected within a hangar or loft space as accessible statements, places of experimentation and inspiration. The Moonraker partners will contribute to these efforts with products and consultation. The future life settings are four built environments representing diverse customer segments that showcase future appropriate technologies, concepts and products in an engaging way. The four futuristic scenarios illustrate a broad spectrum of user types, interests, competencies and aesthetics.


The installation can be modified to suit a variety of foreseeable scenarios and uses.