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Neue Sentimental Film

Project type: Office


Location: Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A


Client: Neue Sentimental Film


Time: 2001


Status: Completed


Size: 1,200 sqm


Cost: 700,000 $


Photos: Ricky Ridecos

Boat suppliers, dot-com companies, storage warehouses and numerous settlements of the film and advertising industries define the surroundings of the new West Coast headquarters of the “Neue Sentimental Film” company in Los Angeles. Operating worldwide with many subsidiaries, the office demands rooms and infrastructure for office sharing with both permanent and temporary affiliates. The challenge in this project was to offer the client facilities for the entire spectrum of commercial film production, from concept to postproduction, all in one place. Independent working groups of 2 – 8 persons must be accommodated with short notice.


To meet the challenges of fluctuating demand for space, GRAFT generated a concept which offers each unit an independent office tower alongside the shared conference rooms, reception, cafeteria, library, and lounge. The site of the project, a 12,000 square foot warehouse at Marina Del Rey, houses the project’s five freestanding ‘office towers’. The first is used as headquarters and two are permanently rented out to subsidiaries. The remaining two are available for temporary teams.


The communal kitchen and dining occupy a social center, the ‘market place’ of the establishment. Two shipping containers house conference rooms and create an entry portal opening to the dining area. These overseas containers embrace the concept of temporary occupation and toy with the idea of worldwide trade and wanderlust. From a practical standpoint, they made it possible to begin construction before a planning permit was received as it was possible to prefabricate them before installing them in the space.


The progression to the shielded space beyond the entry is dramatized through a change in floor surface: the polished concrete entry floor gives way to a realm of recycled rubber granulate.