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Project type: Commercial/Retail


Location: Hamburg, Germany


Time: 2007


Client: Hamburg Eyewear On GmbH, Mr. Andreas Kutschke


Status: Completed


Photo credits: Christian Barz

OPTICON Hamburg – Point of Relation


The design for an optician’s boutique in Hamburg creates a holistic experience that merges interactive elements with the display of spectacles, inviting passers-by to come in from the street. The extensive selection of products on display – more than 2,100 pairs of glasses presented in alternating constellations – are an integral part of the shop design.


The boundaries of the spaces are articulated as display areas so that a wall is transformed into a shelf, showcase or storage cupboard. A sculptural wall winds its way ribbon-like around the store extending to the rear wall where it meets a mirror, creating the impression that the ribbon continues on endlessly into the distance. This dynamic space presents a range of different display possibilities.


Large items of custom-built furniture are scattered throughout the interior, their vivid colours and velvet coverings nestling into natural corners of the space. They offer opportunities to linger, observe and converse, and invite visitors to feel at home and let their gaze wander.