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Panorama Towers

Project type: Multi Family / Condominium


Location: Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A.


Time: 2003


Client: Hallier Investment


Status: Completed


Size: 111,000 sqm


Photos: GRAFT

A new skyline is about to rise parallel to the famous Strip of Las Vegas. After decades of horizontal growth of single-family residences, residential high-rise buildings are mushrooming in Las Vegas. Approximately 15 new towers are under construction and a tenfold more in planning.

As one of the first projects of this development, the Panorama Towers broke ground in 2004 and are near completion. GRAFT was commissioned for this Landmark Project to design all public areas and act as design consultants for the overall aesthetic of the towers. GRAFT envisioned a dynamic, horizontally structured façade, thus reflecting the accelerated movement and perception from the adjacent freeway. The towers represent the first attempt for modern residential expression in Las Vegas – previous developers seemed content to imitate a Miami style postmodern design. The dynamic horizontality of the facade swings softly in floor plan, providing extensive open terrace spaces with stunning views of the Strip and the desert landscape of Nevada.

The surrounding desert scape with its canyons, eroded creeks, Native American cave dwellings and oases, was a semantic guideline in the development of the extensive topographical pool and lush leisure areas, situating modern living within its Nevada desert context.