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Pfenning area reutlingen

Project Type: Office


Location: Reutlingen, Germany


Time: 2012


Client: GWG-Wohnungsgesellschaft Reutlingen mbH


Status: Competition

The development of the new headquarters of GWG Reutlingen at the Pfenning area should not only create an innovative architectonic address for the housing company but set new impulses for a complex urban network of relations at this new location.

As a prominent city component the designed ensemble with two construction phases joins the ranks of sanctions of the past years, which organize the area around the “Oskar-Kalbfell-Platz” in a new way.


Despite the different utilization, both construction phases of the Pfenning Area are conceived as a connected ensemble, which grasps the urban space edges and exaggerates along the Alteburgstraße to convey an urban planning transition of the scale at the “Oskar-Kalbfell-Platz” to more detailed structures in the south.

The transformation of the urban scale of the quarter is rounded off by the public development of the southern patio.


The cesura of the heavily used Lederstraße and the wide apart placed space edges at the “Oskar-Kalbfell-Platz” remain a great challenge for the architectonic address creation of the northern tower building of the ensemble. Therefore this head is equipped with two architectonic relation levels towards the piazza, which consider the proximity effect of the urban pre-zone in the ground floor as well as the long-distance effect through the traffic of the piazza.