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Project type: Hospitality


Location: Sankt Augustin, Germany


Time: 2014


Status: Completed


Exterior Photos: 

Jan Kraege Fotografie (title image)

Tobias Hein


Interior Photos:

Tobias Hein

DAM Preis Nominierung

The Family House is a charity that provides space and a home for families whose hospitalized children are in the process of receiving medical treatment.


The house, a dynamic bending structure, finds its resting position on top of a small hill in the surrounding topography.


On the ground floor, a long table in the centre of the public area serves as a joint space for the entire house. It is here that parents have the opportunity to engage in conversation with each other while preparing meals together, creating a reciprocal sense of support and understanding.


An elongated interactive ramp in the central area connects the interior communal spaces to a large outdoor terrace and serves multiple communal uses. It can be a landscape with spaces for sitting and lying down, a playground for children, a performance stage, as well as a quiet area for parents to work.


Each room enjoys spectacular views over the fields of Sankt Augustin, and all 25 apartments face the setting sun. Custom-made furniture is integrated into the window frame of every room.


The entire structure is more of an iconographic building sculpture than a conventional guest house, and the lightness of the gesture serves as an expression of hope and confidence in difficult times.