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Project type: Urban Planning


Location: Tbilisi, Georgia


Time: 2016


Client: New Office LLC


Status: Competition


Size: 8,000 sqm

Rose Square is one of the few public spaces in the city of Tbilisi. Over the years, its character has gradually changed but it still remains a vital part of the city. It occupies an exceptionally important site: framed by the Radisson Iveria Hotel and Radisson Telegraph, it opens onto the city to the north. Currently it is little more than an in-between space used as a parking area.


The new Rose Square consists of a folded surface that appears to float above the ground’s surface. Its elevated position above the city centre and between the shopping centres connects different parts and levels of the city with one another. A slight incline connects the new Rose square with the extensive underground areas on which the square was built in the 1970s. New retail and restaurant areas housed beneath ground are illuminated by so-called sunken gardens let into the square. An underground pedestrian subway connects the hotel with the Boulevard Rustaveli. The design reflects the distinct features of the capital’s terraced topography and revitalizes the long-neglected potential of the underground spaces to create a varied urban landscape.

The two-storey public space creates a calm and elegant landscape that connects the adjoining urban areas. A series of cut-outs in the square allow the urban flow of the city to pass through the square while projecting sections to the east and west create meeting areas.


The new Rose Square is a multifunctional public space with a range of amenities and facilities for visitors and residents. The main area at the heart of the square is conceived as an urban amphitheatre, a forum for public activities and place for spontaneous performances. The area in front of the Radisson Blu Hotel is the Cour d’Honneur of the Hotel Iveria, enlivened by seasonally-changing water features: in the warm Georgian summers, water features and fine water fountains refresh the visitors, while in winter the space can be used for ice skating.


GRAFT also designed and planned the refurbishment of the Hotel Iveria in 2009.