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Sakanela Urban Landscape

Project type: Residential/Urban Planning/Highrise


Location: Tiblisi, Georgia


Time: 2008


The site for this mixed-use project fronts the Mtkvari River and is bounded on the other side by an existing park. This extraordinary location offers views of the river and pedestrian access to the centre of Georgian capital’s city. GRAFT’s proposal lines Javakhishvili Street at the upper edge of the site with a continuous row of buildings, shielding the community from car traffic and directing views towards the river. Two snaking buildings constitute the other edge, creating a permeable border at the riverside and connecting the surrounding area to a private inner park. A high-rise residential building at the intersection of the site’s bordering roads creates a landmark feature and marks the end of the Galaktioni bridge, one of the few roadways linking this side of the river to downtown Tblisi.


311 apartments of various sizes share the site with high-quality retail areas and office spaces on the lower floors. All apartments have views of the river or surrounding park area. The development’s terraced landscape of buildings and greenery welcomes residents and the general public alike.