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Project type: Hospitality


Location: Samana, Dominican Republic


Time: 2006


Client: The Nader Group


In Collaboration with Brad Pitt

Samana Luxury Resort and Spa – Dominican Republic


In the remote and northernmost part of the Dominican Republic lays the peninsula of Samana. Secluded in untouched archaic beauty, this piece of earth remains unchanged since Columbus first discovered this paradise on his second journey.


GRAFT was asked to design a luxurious Resort and Spa Complex in a very lush and steeply sloped valley here that opens singularly to the ocean. The decision was made to keep the valley floor with its palm forest untouched and pure and to develop the architecture nestled and grafted into the northern hillside, looking out onto an unspoiled landscape and ocean.


A rhizome of hotel suites, connected through funiculars with a reception area at the bottom, stretch out over the valley slope. Equipped with private pools, each suite has a spectacular view over the valley and the ocean with its dramatically hued sunsets.


A spa is located on the other side of the valley. Cut into the hillside in a long horizontal groove, it features a generous enfilade of spaces with thrilling panoramic vistas toward the ocean and beach.