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Project type: Museum


Location: Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.


Time:  2001


Status: Completed


Photos: Karla Mueller, LACMA

In 2001 the Los Angeles County Museum of Art commissioned ten Los Angeles-based artists to create installations for the new Children’s Museum. “SEEING” geared towards kids and adults, featuring interactive installations intended to teach and comment on the notion of the perception of art. The exhibition began with a 90-foot-long red entrance wall with peepholes filtered with magnifying glasses, mirrors, or kaleidoscopes for peering into small, altered worlds. Each display addressed perception using visual tools like photomontage and camera obscura and objects from the permanent collection.


The oversized, intensely red wall with its tiny openings for the viewing of the art raised the question of the contemporary presentation of art. It featured not the supposedly neutral white background and the obvious display of objects, but turned the academic and adult approach into a playful sense of awe-a preparation for the installations inside the exhibition by John Baldessari, Delia Brown, Daniel Martinez, Kenny Scharf, and Eric Own Moss.