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Stack restaurant

Project type: Restaurant & Bar Design


Location: Mirage, Las Vegas, U.S.A.


Time: 2012


Client: The Light Group, MGM Mirage


Status: Completed


Size: 540 sqm


Photos: Ricky Ridecos


Info: http://stacklasvegas.com/

The restaurant walls, bar and perimeter seating are shaped as undulating striations over the entire 19-foot height of the unit to create an enticing canyon-like landscape that extends the depth of the interior, creating a telescopic sense of depth. The irregular, shifting pattern of horizontal layers varies in intensity, creating sheltered pockets and areas of greater velocity.


The canyon draws guests into the building, inviting them to progress into the interior revealing ever new perspectives. Lighting embedded in the canyon wall only becomes visible on looking back out from the depth of the restaurant, revealing a pixelated pattern of glowing points.


To create an appropriately dense and consistent atmospheric intensity, figured African mahogany was used to clad the walls of the canyon, giving the space a sense of warmth and the canyon a contemporary feel.