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Project type: Commercial/Retail


Location: Berlin, Germany


Time: 2007


Status: Competition


Strellson Flagship Store


The menswear brand Strellson invited GRAFT to enter a competition for the design of their new flagship store concept. Two clothing lines – ‘Swiss Cross’ casualwear and ‘Premium’ business / dresswear – needed to be displayed under the same roof but as distinct lines. Strellson wanted both to form an emotional tie with its customers and an aesthetic tie with its home country, Switzerland.


GRAFT’s design divides the store into two sides for the two respective labels. The interior’s combination of faceted, crystalline wall, ceiling, and furniture elements offer a means of flexibly organizing the space while playfully evoking elements of Swiss mountains and rock formations. Cabinets and moveable furniture elements make it possible to vary the retail scenarios, from regular shopping displays to evening receptions and fashion shows. The display furniture doubles as lounge seating or as a small stage. The cashier’s counter similarly transforms into a bar as required.


The sleek white material of the organising spatial elements contrasts with the soft fabrics presented in the store. Other material finishes are used to differentiate between the displays for the two brands, while the overarching visual strategy unifies the premises. The system’s distinctive formal language allows wall pieces to also be plugged in outside, making the system mobile while underlining Strellson’s identity.