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Project type: 91 single-family houses


Location: Berlin, Germany


Time: 2012


Status: Completed


Size: 27,120 sqm


Client: DESIGN Bau AG



CD Deutsche Eigenheim AG

In the small town Teltow, south of Berlin, the residential quarter TelTown Berlin offers green living with an urban character. Because of the environment of the district, which includes about 27,000m², and the artificial lake in its center, TelTown is especially remarkable for its proximity to nature.


In the residential quarter innovative architecture meets different spatial requirements. Ideally structured and adjusted floor plans have been made suitable for different user profiles. Due to the varying versions of roof constructions, attachments on the roof and interior constructions, diverse houses were constructed, which are suited for different requirements for the home. The individual design of the houses creates the impression of an openly and lively structure, which blends in optimally into the green surrounding. Along with private gardens there are public areas and places to meet, alleys to walk as well as play fields for children.


The integrated energy concept assures an ideal supply and thereby creates financial incentives and supports the local environment protection. Additionally, when choosing the materials for the houses, ecological aspects were consistently respected. 91 terraced houses and one semi-detached house were built in Teltow with 77m²-180m² living space and two to three floors each, within the period of June 2013 to September 2014.


In TelTown, GRAFT joined its innovative design concept to multi-disciplinary construction, and thereby set new standards in the range of housing projects.