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Urban Tech Republic

Project type: Feasibility Study


Location: Airport Berlin-Tegel TXL, Berlin, Germany


Time: 2013


Client: TXL The Urban Tech Republic


Status: in Progress

The focus of the feasibility study was to develop a concept for the conversion of the existing Terminal D at Berlin-Tegel airport into a start-up hub for tech companies. Alongside the planned Beuth University in Terminal A, the building is intended to function as a nucleus for the development of the entire ‘Urban Tech Republic’ site. The high design quality of the initial phase at Terminal D is intended to act as an attractor and stimulus for the future phases of the ’Urban Tech Republic’ project.


Terminal D of the former airport offers ideal conditions for future conversion into an incubator for start-ups. The historic importance of Berlin-Tegel airport, its excellent transport connections, established status as an industrial centre and its existing infrastructure all contribute to its advantageous location factors. The schedule of spaces includes co-working spaces, groupwork and conference rooms, communicative areas and office spaces as well as a children’s nursery for up to 50 children.