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Villa j

Project type: Single Family House


Location: Storrington, West Sussex, Great Britain


Time: 2014


Status: Design

The concept of the proposed building derives from the idea and character of the place itself. Being located on a slight slope towards south, the new architecture wants to embrace the very nature of the Downs and this particular property and live in harmony with it.


The building is protected against the northern cold side and opens up to the south towards the view to the Downs and the sun’s celestial path. Overhangs avoid heat gains from the high sun in summer and provide shading. The glass facade towards south will provide enough natural daylight in order to minimize artificial lighting and still have the ability to invite the sun when needed for heat (in winter) and prevent heat gains with innovative performance. The building volume is largely hidden in the ground. The green roof visually integrates the building to its surroundings. The house becomes part of the landscape and is barely noticeable from north and east. The green roof will also retain rain water, filter it and gather it for grey water usage.