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Project type: Residential


Location: Berlin, Germany


Time: 2016-2018


Size: 13,000 sqm


Renderings: xoio GmbH

Two interacting residential buildings will be developed directly located at the river Spree and the eastern harbor in Berlin.
The building volumes line up with the urban development concept of a linear construction following the river. Being constructed on the former site of the eastern harbor, the buildings will be relatively closed towards the street. Facing south, the volumes open up towards the inner courtyard and the river. The widely known Molecule Men are situated just diagonally opposite on the river at the meeting point of the three districts Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, and Treptow.


The design is significantly influenced by the location at the water front, the perspectives are directed from inside out. The creative idea of the project is a washed out building that denies to follow the harsh urban development of the traditional building complexes. Consequently, the design presents two buildings offering an attractive courtyard as well as various perspectives onto the river and to the other side of the river bank.

The sculptural expression of the volumes derives from the buildings themselves. Facing the street, the facades are divided by oriels and balconies. At the water front, the façade is shaped floor-wise by various façade strips that are setting back the higher the floor.


All apartments at the water front catch the light of the southern sun and offer a unique panoramic view onto the water for the future tenants. An interpretation of water movements can also be found in the swinging, organic façade. By the formal transformation, the houses link the water of the Spree to the cubic language of the street and the surrounding buildings.


When designing the residential complex, much attention has been given to a large variety of apartment types to allow for an interesting mixture of sizes addressing the possible target group for this location perfectly. Therefore, 1,5 room apartments of ca. 27 m² to 40 m² to two- to five-room apartments ranging from 44 m² to 156 m² are available. The mezzanine offers apartments with private gardens, the top floor is dominated by luxurious penthouses from 206 m² to 296 m² with private access to a roof garden. Most of the apartments have an oriel or balcony that face different directions.


The roof top will be activated as fifth part of the façade and will be structured by gardens. Besides the green courtyard in the community atrium, the buildings offer a green center in the middle of the city. WAVE therefore is not only a home port, but also a green oasis in the city.