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Yantai Qidi Science and Technology Park

Project type: Urban Planning, Highrise


Location: China


Time: 2011


Status: Concept Design Proposal


Yantai Qidi Science and Technology Park is planned as a world-class environment for technological development combining high-quality offices with living and leisure. The location masterplan outlines a place for work, living and social life, including buildings for global technology enterprises and high-quality public amenities and green spaces for a variety of different uses ranging from sports and leisure to retail and entertainment.


The key features of the design are a Central Business District (CBD), a Central Business Park (CBP), a Retail and F+B Promenade, R+D City, a central axis, an incubator plaza as well as housing.


The CBD adjoins the main roads at the north-eastern edge of the site and is designed so that the CBD skyline is experienced by passing motorists as an iconic emblem for the technology park. Smaller high-quality offices are located in a park setting with additional high-rise buildings located partly towards the streets and partly in the park.

The Central Business Park adjoins the CBD to the south and stretches from the landscaped river edge on the west side towards the shopping mall at the east end. It is the green heart of the project linking the CBD, retail, residential and R&D parts of the site.


A promenade in the form of a partially covered, partially open architectural arcade weaves its way through the site, opening at intervals onto the park and featuring restaurants and cafés that also cater for the occupants of the high-rise towers above., The Research and Development Zone (R+D) is arranged to the south of the Central Business Park on a grid plan. As a highly flexible urban typology, the grid can accommodate various sizes of building configurations or saleable units: an entire block, a half, quarter or other fraction thereof. The block interiors can be either ‘pocket public parks’ or private company gardens.


The central axis is as a 50m wide boulevard through the project that starts between the two high towers that symbolise the entrance and ends at the incubator plaza to the South. This boulevard links all parts of the project and is one of two main routes through the plan. The Incubator plaza is the creative centre in the southern part of the development, a freeform, spectacular landmark building, surrounding a central plaza.


Residents cross the CBP to reach the ‘entertainment plaza’ in parcel 1A. The more exclusive apartments are arranged in a ring of taller buildings, with regular apartments in the lower buildings at the centre. The overall massing of the buildings defines a distinctive urban quarter that appears self-contained from all directions. As one passes by or through the site, the skyline shifts, revealing new views and corridors.