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Project: Birdhouse, industrial design


Client: Süddeutsche Zeitung


Year: 2018

The Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin invited GRAFT to take part in the Design Special in early autumn 2018 on the subject of wood. In addition to GRAFT, the magazine addressed the proposal to five other international architects and designers, among them Daniel Libeskind and Stefan Diez. The task was to design an extraordinary birdhouse.


The idea for the design of the birdhouse was already born in 2007, when GRAFT won the competition for the realization of a pilot project for energy-efficient building with a zero-energy house on BIRDS ISLAND in Kuala Lumpur. This design is the basis for the “GRAFT birdhouse“, which now gives a home to a bird family.

The small birdhouse is a reference to the original design, which arranges conventional rooms under a parametrically deformed lamella shell and regulates air conditioning in an energy-efficient way. The organic design of the outer shell dissolves the wall and thus creates a new simplified structure for the birdhouse, but also retains its function and figure in this smaller format.


The birdhouse consists of 36 pieces, carved from MDF boards and then glued together. A white paint gives the object a special shine and makes it weather resistant. The production time, including the preparation of the 3D model, took a total of five days.


All birdhouses will be auctioned off among the readers and the revenue donated to charity organizations.