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Project type: Loft/ Apartment


Location: Los Feliz, CA, U.S.A


Time: 1998


Client: Brad Pitt


Status: Completed


Photos: Ricky Ridecos


In Collaboration with Brad Pitt

This studio remodel for a Hollywood movie actor incorporates the clients interest for multicultural architectonical references and the necessity to accommodate a hybrid lifestyle.


Here, living and working take place in the same space. A design for such an environment envisions means for flexible shifts between professional and private life inside the boundaries of limited space. The quality of use will be measured in the adaptability and sustainability of the architectonical tools provided for the integration of this particular ecology of living the balance between spatial possibilities and functional demands shape the aesthetic experience of the house.


The formal language translates the haptic material quality of the adjacent guest house into a contemporary fusion of traditional Japanese and European proportional systems. The Chigaidana of Japanese furniture is grafted with the European idea of the golden ratio. These genetic codes penetrate each other and create a new design language in its syntactical, semantic and phenomenological components.

While rooted in two different worlds, the formal expression becomes something new and independent, a Darwinistic evolution of aesthetic value systems into a robust “Genetic Bastard”.


The house begins to function in patterns of multicultural urban life -a flexible self-organisation and fluid balance between the polarities of need and cultural heritage, a habitat as a stage for continuous re-allegorization of life.